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Zinc steel wall guardrail refers to using zinc alloy material used in different areas, with different functional palisade fence, due to its late is processed by electrostatic spraying, surface layer is made with high strength, high hardness, and the advantages of beautiful shape, colour and lustre bright-coloured, residential area, factory schools, such as the use of the mainstream products.

Why does zinc steel fence fence become mainstream?          

1. Safety: high strength hot rolled steel profile shall be used for processing according to the customer's design requirements. Welding or anti-disassembly bolt connection may be adopted, and the overall strength and safety are high.     

2. Aesthetics: simple and clean appearance, gentle tone, can coordinate the surrounding landscape, can melt and modern urban space and natural environment.       

3. Comfort: look beyond, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and provide you with a comfortable and safe platform.      

4. Practicability: the surface is protected and treated with spray paint, powder spraying and hot galvanizing. It is convenient to clean and does not require large maintenance costs.      

5, weatherability, through strict surface treatment of steel or aluminum alloy fence products, no matter in the urban air pollution or sea salt corrosion in coastal areas, can set his mind at to use, as you solve the trouble back at home of maintenance. The products are both practical and decorative, which can be used in family houses, courtyards, villas, enterprises, offices, municipal services, park walls and guardrails. The specification can be customized according to customer's requirement. The wall products can be made of hot-dip galvanized steel, with strong corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, excellent moisture resistance, low base requirements, long service life and green environmental protection. Product height and width can be customized as needed. You can choose the right color according to your preference.