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Why use steel structure frame for steel warehouse building ?

Steel warehouse building is used as storage-type steel structure construction building. The corresponding requirements for space separation are very numerous, and there are certain requirements in building construction materials. The use of steel structures to build steel structure warehouse building is due to the small area of the steel structure pillars and the small amount of indoor space occupied. Compared with the space area occupied by the traditional reinforced concrete structural columns, the spatial separation of the rooms is somewhat obstructed. The use of steel structures to build warehouses is the more popular way today.



The steel structure not only has light weight, high strength, good plasticity, and toughness, so that the steel components can be obtained through different processing and production of different styling components, and the quality and shape of the structure meet the requirements of customers. Shorter construction weeks for steel structure, the investment costs can be reduced accordingly, steel components can be processed at the factory, and the on-site construction and production steps can be reduced. The steel components processed at the factory have high strength and meet the standards for building construction.

Steel structure materials are environmentally friendly, installation is simple and convenient, construction structures that do not need to be used can also be rebuilt by way of demolition, and the construction and demolition have little impact on the surrounding environment and will not have much impact on the surrounding environment. Materials can Recycling recycling reduces material waste and saves resources. Steel components have their own advantages. They can also be used in different industries.