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1.The steel structure frame structure is increasingly diversified and complicated

Modern large-span space steel structure is not limited to the traditional single structure, the new structure and various combinations of structural forms continue to emerge. The water cube uses a rigid frame structure of polyhedron based on the bubble theory; the bird's nest adopts the complex twisted space truss structure; the Olympic Badminton Hall adopts the strongest and largest span dome structure in the world ; and the Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center adopts the truss string truss structure.

steel structure frame

2.structural span large,high grade steel grade,thick steel sheet

In order to match the requirement of steel structure stadium function, the space span of modern space steel is more and more large. It is not uncommon for the short span to exceed 100 meters. For example, the span of the National Stadium is 296 m, the span of the National Aquatic Center is 177 m, the span of Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center is 1266 m, Nanjing Olympic Sports Center stadium span 360 m and so on. As a result, the State Expert Committee on Overreaching has drafted a special regulation on the overstating of large span steel structures.

These large span steel structure building use many high strength grade steel, for example Q390C,Q420C,Q460C and so on, and the thickness of steel sheet is very high,some are more than 100mm thick .

3.A large number of modern prestressed technology applications

Prestressed as a new technology, has been fully used, emerged cable dome, tensioned overall structure and cable membrane structure and other new types of structures. Olympic Badminton Hall (Beijing University of Technology Stadium) uses the strongest dome in the world structure. National Gymnasium uses the doubleway strongest span beam string structure in the world.