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1.Wind resistance

The steel structure has light weight, high strength, good overall rigidity and strong deformation ability. Steel building's self-weight is only a fifth of the masonry structure and can withstand a hurricane of 70 meters per second, so that life and property can be effectively protected.

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2.Earthquake resistance

 The roof of low-rise villa mostly used slope roof, so roof structure basically use cold bending steel components for triangular roof truss system,after sealing the structural plate and plasterboard,light weight steel members formed a very strong "rib plate structure system", this kind of structure system have stronger earthquake resistance and the ability to resist horizontal load, suitable for the area that seismic intensity more than 8 degrees.


The sound insulation effect is an important index to evaluate the residence. The Windows installed in the light steel system are made of hollow glass, which has good sound insulation effect, and the sound insulation is over 40 decibels. The wall that is composed of light steel keel, heat preservation material plasterboard, its sound insulation effect can be up to 60 decibels.

4.Heat insulation

The mainly thermal insulation material is fiberglass and has good thermal insulation effect. For the wall insulation board, effectively avoid the "cold bridge" phenomenon of the wall, to achieve a better thermal insulation effect. The insulation resistance value of 100mm thick fiberglass is equivalent to 1m thick brick wall.


Dry construction work, reducing the pollution caused by waste to the environment, the building steel structure materials can be 100% recycled, and most of other supporting materials can be recycled too, which is in line with the current environmental awareness; All materials are green building materials, meeting the ecological environment requirements, conducive to health.


Light steel structure residential structures are all made of cold bending thin steel members system composition, steel frame using super anticorrosion, high strength cold rolled galvanized sheet steel manufacturing, effectively avoid the influence of steel corrosion in the process of construction and use, increase the service life of the light steel structures. The structure can last up to 100 years.


The light steel wall adopts the efficient energy saving system, has the respiration function, can adjust the indoor air dry humidity; The roof has the ventilation function, can form flow air at the top of house indoor, ensure the ventilated and the heat dissipation demand inside the roof.