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The History Of Large Span Fabric Space Steel Structure Factory

Since eighties, more than forty high-rise steel structure constructions have been built and under construction in the mainland of China, with a total measure of about 3.2 million square meters, an amount of about 300000 tons of steel, and a capital of about 60 billion yuan.

steel structure construction

In Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Dalian, Tianjin and other places, the high tide of steel structure construction has been formed, and the large span fabric space steel structure factory has been built and under construction. Correspondingly, great progress has been made in the scientific research, design and construction of high-rise steel structure construction. A large number of steel structure construction plants, shipbuilding, metallurgy, electric power and railway systems have been developed. Especially in the regard of large span fabric space steel structure factory production and installation, it has reached a higher level.

large span fabric space steel structure factory

In recent years, so many steel structure building manufacturers have achieved a huge rise-up throughout China, which leads to the factor that the large span fabric space steel structure factory and the steel structure frame have also continued to develop a lot. The steel structure factory is characterized by reasonable force, large stiffness, light weight, convenient manufacture and installation, which can meet the requirements of large span fabric space steel structure factory and various architectural forms. It is used not only in civil buildings, but also in industrial buildings, hangars, terminals, stadiums, exhibition centers, etc. It should be said that steel structure frame is still the mainstream of space steel structure construction in our country at present. A number of terminal buildings, convention and exhibition centers, stadiums and stadiums have begun to use short tubes, circular steel tubes to make space trusses, arches and cable-stayed space trusses, and in addition, the wavy roof has attracted people’s attention. So there is still a large space to further develop the large span fabric space steel structure factory.

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