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The Higher Requirements On The Construction And Prefabricated Steel Structures

With the accelerating pace of economic development, people have higher requirements on the form of construction, construction time, and impact on the environment during construction. Nowadays, people are more inclined to prefer dry work instead of traditional wet concrete operations. The overall economic steel structure is chosen for construction. Most of the connections are bolted; time is life and money, and modular construction is used to speed up the entire installation process. , it saves a lot of manpower and material resources and time; in the construction process of traditional concrete buildings, it will produce noise, dust, waste water, etc., have a great impact on the environment, and the weather will directly affect the construction time of the building, and the prefabricated steel structure Buildings can better solve these problems and can better adapt to the needs of current social and economic development.





With regard to prefabricated steel structures, as prefabricated houses manufacturers we will provide special steel frame designs in response to customer's different needs and different types of construction. All connections are connected with bolts as much as possible to minimize the on-site welding workload and make the entire steel structure steel as low as possible. The mounting process can be carried out quickly and safely. In addition, according to different service life, we will provide different solutions for the cladding materials. For example, for temporary steel structure industrial buildings or prefab steel workshop, warehouses and similar buildings, we will provide several different single-layer color steel sheet and color steel sandwich panels for customers to choose. If the customer needs strong, long-life materials, for example need to build steel structure commercial building, office building, steel structure stadium,steel frame showroom and so on, we will Provide cement boards to customers. After 20 years of experience and technology accumulation, we do our utmost to provide our customers with affordable, prefabricated steel structures suitable for their use.