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The basic requirement for steel structure shed foundation design

The counterforce on the base surface is not evenly distributed due to the relatively large eccentric load, which may cause a great tilt of the foundation and even affect the normal use of the workshop, especially the crane plant. Therefore, the pressure of foundation soil under the foundation of steel structure industrial building should meet the following requirements:

1)For no crane load of column foundation, when included in the wind load, allow the bottom of foundation with zero stress of foundation soil area exists, but must satisfy the zero stress section length and the ratio of the base length L/L '0175 or higher, at the same time, you have to check the tension side of the foundation slab in the foundation under the action of gravity and the upper soil heavy bending strength.

2)For the steel column foundation bearing the load of general crane, the zero-stress zone exists in the foundation soil with no foundation foundation, i.e., the pmin is greater than or equal to 0. If this condition is satisfied, the base eccentricity is required to be less than or equal to b/ 6.