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1. In the vicinity of the steel structure platform, the lateral edge of the portal steel frame ramp and the boundary of the area due to the process requirements shall be equipped with protective balustrades. The rails of industrial steel platform and pedestrian passageway should meet the requirements of gb4053-3-83. The steel structure platform and steel stair rail can be selected according to national standard figure 87J432.
2. The height of the railings of industrial steel structure platform shall not be less than 1050mm, and 12mm shall be used for the height of the railings at high altitude and production danger zones (such as high roof rails and blast furnace top platforms).

portal steel frame

3. The railings are generally designed to be fixed, and can be partially designed to operate when there is a special need for passage and operation. Fixed rail can press the armrest bear the horizontal load calculation of 0.5 KN/M, rail connection, appropriate USES welding could be produced by factory segmented according to transportation and installation conditions after installation, can also be manufactured and installed in the view field.
4. To ensure safety, the steel structure platform rails shall be equipped with baffle (skirting board). The baffle is made of flat steel not less than 100*3mm. The gap between the baffle of the outdoor railings and the platform surface is suitable for the clearance of 10mm indoor baluster.

5. According to the intensity of use, and material conditions, such as railings handrails and pillar is commonly choose outside diameter 33.5 42.25 mm steel pipe or L50 * 4 Angle section, railing column spacing is not greater than 1 m, and not to lower the Q235 steel material should be adopted, rail rail in not less than 30 * 4 mm round steel, flat steel or 16 mm bar and the spacing between the top and bottom bar not greater than 380 mm.
6. The rigidity of Angle steel rails is better, and the materials are easy to supply. More often used in industrial steel structure platform, steel rail easy to use, good appearance, but because the material cost is higher, generally used for pedestrian and frequent appearance to demand higher steel structure platform, with the development of economy, the application range of the steel rail has been gradually expanding.
7. The railings of the platform shall be coordinated with the railings of the connected steel frames at the cross section and height.