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Steel structure installation quality control


1.Before installation, the construction unit shall check the product qualification certificate, design documents and pre-assembly records of the components, and re-examine the dimensions of the recording components. The deformation and defect of steel structure frame should be dealt with when deviation is allowed. Before the installation of steel structure, detailed measurement and correction process should be prepared. The welding of thick steel plate should be carried out to simulate the process test of the product structure before the welding installation, and the corresponding construction technology should be prepared. A certain amount of camber should be preset on the assembled roof frame.

2.After the prefab steel structure frame is hoisted in place, the control points should be measured by the design requirements of the positioning axis and elevation of the components, and the quality of the docking joints shall be checked before welding. Install temporary support and steel cable to ensure the steel roof is safe and stable during construction.

3.When the prefab steel structure frame is installed, the construction unit shall submit the high dimension, welding, coating, etc. to the supervisor for acceptance inspection.