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In the steel structure frame engineering design requires a lot of use of steel, but if the construction of steel used in a large number of rust, will greatly reduce the useful life. On personal safety is also a challenge, more and more attention in recent years, resist rust methods are as follows:


  1. Acid pickling

Immerse steel members which need to be coated in the acid pool, with acid to remove the surface of oil and rust for steel members. The efficiency of acid pickling is high, can clean rust very well, but after pickling must rinse components with hot water or water, if there is residual acid, the components of the corrosion will be even more powerful.

  1. Manual resist rust

Manual resist rust is through by artificial tools such as scraper, grinding wheel, emery cloth, wire brush and so on, to remove the rust on the steel components. This method of working inefficient, poor working conditions, rust is not complete resist.


  1. Sand blasting

Sand blasting is to use compressed air pressure, continuous use of quartz sand or iron sand impact on the surface of steel components, to clean the rust,oil and other debris on the surface of steel, revealing the nature of a steel rust a way of rust. This method in high efficiency, complete resist rust,this way  is more advanced derusting process.


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