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Steel Structure Construction Commercial Building

A commercial building is a building for people to engage in various types of business activities, including Retail stores, shopping malls and wholesale markets, all types of daily necessities and production materials, office buildings, cultural, recreational and sporting events, etc.. The overall layout and design of commercial buildings should meet the requirements of safety and fire protection, have reasonable organization, clear functional zoning, and be convenient for the masses.

Most of today's commercial buildings are constructed of reinforced concrete structures. It refers to the main load-bearing structure of the house, such as columns, beams, slabs, staircases, roofs, made of reinforced concrete, walls filled with bricks or other materials.

Advantages: good seismic performance, integrity, corrosion resistance, fire resistance, durable, and the room width, depth is relatively large, the space division is more freedom. More and more high-rise buildings use this structure.

Disadvantages: the process is more complex, higher construction costs.

Steel frame structure is very popular in architecture nowadays. It has the following characteristics:

1. It has flexibility. It can bend without cracking, and when a steel structure is pushed aside by wind or an earthquake, it can bend.
2.It has plasticity or ductility. This means that when the force is enormous, it doesn't crack like glass, but slowly bends, which allows the steel structure to bend or deform to warn residents of escape. In sum, steel is much better than other materials in an earthquake because of these characteristics.

steel structure frame