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The connection method of steel structure has three kinds: weld joint, bolt connection and rivet connection.

1.Welding connection
The weld joint is the heat generated by the arc to melt the electrode and the welding parts, the cooling condenses into welding seam,and then the weld is welded together into a whole.
Advantages: not to reduce the component section, save steel, simple construction, easy to manufacture, large connection rigidity, good sealing performance, easy to use automatic operation under certain conditions, high production efficiency.
Disadvantages: the hot influence zone of steel near the weld due to welding temperature may be brittle in some parts; During the welding process, the steel is subjected to uneven distribution of high temperature and cooling, which makes the structure produce welding residual stress and residual deformation, which has certain influence on the bearing capacity, rigidity and use performance of the structure. Due to the large rigidity of the welding structure, the local crack can be easily extended to the whole, especially at low temperature. The plasticity and toughness of the weld joint are poor, which may cause defects during welding and reduce the fatigue strength.

steel structure

2.Bolt connection
The bolt connection is made by fastening the fastener and connecting the connecting piece together. Bolt connection with ordinary bolt connection and high strength bolt connection two kinds.
Advantages: the construction process is simple and easy to install, especially suitable for site installation and connection. It is also easy to disassemble, which is suitable for assembling and dismantling structure and temporary connection.
Disadvantages: it is necessary to open holes and assemble the holes in the plate, increase the manufacturing workload, and have higher precision requirements for manufacturing. The bolt hole also weakens the member section and is often connected to each other or added auxiliary connecting plate (or Angle steel). Therefore, the structure is more complicated and more expensive.

steel structure industrial building

3.Rivet connection
Rivet connection is will end with a semicircular prefabricated screw head rivet, insert the nail rod quickly after burn red fitting nail holes, then the other end with a rivet gun also play riveting hammer head, to make the connection to tighten.
Advantages: strong riveting force, good plasticity and toughness, easy to check and guarantee quality, can be used for heavy duty and direct bearing dynamic load structure.
Disadvantages: the riveting process is complicated, the manufacturing labor cost is high, and the labor intensity is high, so it has been replaced by welding and high-strength bolt connection.