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Steel structure coating construction


1.Surface pretreatment cleanliness and roughness, coating environment temperature and humidity, time interval between coating, coating thickness and so on. The cleanliness and roughness can be inspected according to the standard map, and the thickness of the coating is measured by thickness gauge.

2.Coating surface must not miss coating, coating, without peeling rust and return, to look at the coating surface quality inspection, dry film thickness of the test method and acceptance standard should comply with the design and GB50205 countries such as the relevant provisions of the specification.

3.Fire protection coating engineering shall be carried out by the construction unit approved by the fire control site. The selection of fire retardant coating shall be the product approved by the fire department of the construction site, and the requirements of the design for thickness and time shall be tested by the national authority fire prevention product inspection body. Quality inspectors should check the quality of the coating at any time. Fire retardant coating shall not be coated or misapplied. The coating shall have no stripping and air drum. Coating thickness shall be inspected according to CECS2490 and meet the design requirements. The quality inspection personnel shall inspect the appearance and surface quality of the fire retardant coating according to the design requirements and relevant national standards, and fill in the record form.

Coating quality control is very important for residential and commercial building,they have more strict requirement for fireproof and good looking and long life time .For example prefab steel home,steel structure office,prefabricated steel frame villa and so on.