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Steel natural harmony of green low-carbon buildings

In recent years, as a kind of harmony with nature's cycle of low-carbon green buildings, steel buildings are along with China to accelerate the pace of urbanization and the rapid rise building. The industry believes that this will create a huge steel structure steel market space, but also on the steel steel propose new and higher requirements.

At present, China's steel steel fewer varieties exist, poor quality stability problems to be solved, the importance of domestic steel prices steel steel should also be strengthened. Development of new varieties of steel products to meet market demand of steel steel, iron and steel enterprises long way to go.

"Beautiful China" Call for Green Building

In total carbon emissions, the carbon emissions of traditional construction industry accounted for almost 50%, the proportion is far higher than the transport and industrial sectors. In Europe, Australia and Japan, the local construction industry is very concerned about the carbon constraint and circular economy, fabricated steel housing has been developed to the stage very well, accounting for over 40% of all residential buildings. This fabricated steel structure to maximize resource conservation, environmental protection, reduce pollution, provide people with health, application and efficient use of space.

On an international exposition of modern construction industry, Housing and Urban Ministry pointed out that the industrialization of housing production if universal in our country, will be reduced by about 83 percent and about 60 percent of construction waste material loss, increase of 60% recycled materials Building energy efficiency of over 50%. The steel building is its energy-saving, environmentally friendly features, represents the development direction of the housing industry. Next to steel and concrete (concrete) will be the trend.

It should be noted that in recent years, China's construction steel has become a huge industry, steel manufacturing output only subject to more than 60 billion yuan, while the formation containing steel production, steel structure design, component manufacture, component installation and a chain associated industries. A new recycling steel construction industrialization industrial system of green building system is also being rapidly formed.

Residential steel buildings will break or real estate, construction, machinery and equipment manufacturing, green building, new building materials, disaster prevention and mitigation, kitchen appliances and decoration boundaries between industries, set to become a new recycling building industrialization industrial system; also The funds can flow back into the real estate industry and other modern manufacturing to the real economy, upgrade economic restructuring. These years, China's steel buildings and residential development is continuing, according to preliminary statistics, the provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Hubei, Inner Mongolia, have already developed or built over 10 million square meters of residential steel. Beijing Olympic Stadium "Bird's Nest" and "Water Cube", CCTV new building, the Shanghai World Center, a large number of the world's advanced level of steel construction, has become a model for the application of steel structure engineering construction of the main structure.

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