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It’s known that some PHNIX swimming pool heat pump new products will be unveiled on the exhibitions, and there’s no doubt that the highlight will be the series of PHNIX inverter pool heat pumps. PHNIX inverter technology allows swimming pool heat pumps to reach an extraordinary high coefficient of performance (COP) compared with common units in the markets. Its heating time is also much shorter and therefore saves more time and energy. Unlike normal inverter pool heater, PHNIX inverter has a high-end controller with a 5-inch color touch screen on which the temperature and power consumption levels are always clearly displayed. However, even beyond a cool appearance of PHNIX inverter pool heat pump, the new smart control system(the 3th control system) is more appealing with sliding defrosting(control defrosting more accurately and efficiently) and remote updating.

In addition, another amazing new product, PHNIX EVI Swimming Pool Heat Pump will appear on the latest international expo. In air temperature as low as -19℃, PHNIX EVI swimming pool heat pump works stably and efficiently, which meets the demand for low ambient temperature markets. In the meantime, this series of pool heat pumps allow people to use as a spa heater because of its 43℃ to 45℃ outlet water temperature, according to PHNIX R&D center.