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repair and treatment of bolts and rivets.

It is generally carried out without unloading. In order to avoid overloading of other bolts and rivets, each of the bolts should be replaced. When the rivet is replaced, if the total number of the force rivet is not more than 10, each should be replaced. If more than 10, the number of rivet can be changed to 10% of the total number of rivet in order to improve work efficiency. A set of rivets is:
(1) rivet between the joints of truss composite members.
(2) the flange rivet in the flange of the flange of the bending member.
(3) the rivet of a single member is fixed on the nodal plate.
(4) the rivets on the side of the joint on a splice cover.
If the bolts and rivets in the steel structure project are damaged to a large extent, the number of replacement should be more. In order to ensure safety and repair, it should be carried out in the unloading state.

The development of steel structure in China is facing new opportunities with the domestic production of steel structure, and the problems of various technologies will appear in succession. As a large number of steel structure construction, in order to prolong the service life of steel structure building, must strengthen the construction of steel structure in the late daily maintenance and maintenance, thus reducing the steel structure in the process of using security hidden danger, to improve the using performance steel structure products. At the same time, the methods of maintenance and maintenance have been further studied and recognized.