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Quality control of steel structure truss components

①Strict inspection and control is carried out on the marking and setting of the tire frame and the base line and positioning method of steel components.
②Assembly inspection of steel members shall be carried out in a free state after the completion of welding. The dimensions of the acceptance structure should be measured in the three-dimensional space of each fulcrum.


Welding steel structure members

①For the first steel workshop building of the construction unit, it is necessary to evaluate the welding process and develop the corresponding welding technology.

②The supervisor must seize the inspection of the welder's qualification certificate. The inspection shall include: the type of the parent material, the type of welding material, the welding position, and the validity of the welder's qualification certificate.

③Strictly control the assembly quality of the joint. The assembly quality of the joint includes: groove quality, root gap, and the wrong side.

④When welding surface moisture, oil pollution, the environmental temperature is too large, or parts of welding is direct invasion of wind, rain, snow, there is no guarantee that the high quality of the welding, are more likely to have problems especially when welding low hydrogen electrode, construction units shall, in the process and the construction of welding clarificaiton clear.

⑤During the welding process to reduce welding stress, prevent welding cracks, should be in strict accordance with the standard requirements to preheating, welding position in the whole welding process shall, from time to time, to ensure the weld heating way between temperature and time, through a welding requirements in a timely manner after completion of welding shall be in accordance with the standard after hot.

⑥For the design and the national standard to require inspection of the weld, each weld shall be in proportion to the requirements for non-destructive testing. The inspection position and length shall be specified by the quality inspector and written to the NDT personnel. The NDT personnel shall provide the inspection report, and the inspection report shall indicate the specific parts of the flaw detection. After the completion of the weld quality inspection personnel timely according to the requirements of standards such as design and GB50205 appearance inspection and non-destructive inspection, unqualified parts timely notify the welding repair (repair weld process must also be evaluated and qualified).

Construction process is one of the most important thing for steel warehouse buildings, including portal steel frame building, steel structure shed, steel warehouse and workshop buildings, steel structure office building and so on.