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Nowadays, many modern high-rise buildings, such as modern and novel designs and landmark buildings, are all made of steel. In order to build an excellent high-rise prefab steel workshop, the installation process is especially important. Therefore, preliminary installation preparations must be done:

1. Familiar with the situation of the whole project;
2. Clear the installation current situation of same style high rise steel structure building in world wide;
3. Master the manufacturing situation of the steel structure members;
4. Preparation of technical information;
5. Steel structure construction organization design and safety technical program drafting;
6. Personnel training and organization
7. High-rise (super high-rise) steel structure installation project enterprise standard formulation;
8. About the manufacture quality of steel components to conduct a comprehensive inspection and verification. The unqualified steel components should be adjust or rework;
9. The preparation for site construction and site materials , Calculate the carrying capacity of the ground;
10. Lifting rig rigging preparation. Preparation of signaling tools. In order to ensure the safety of construction workers, the construction workers do not have to climb to the lifting point to release the restraint of knot when completing the hoisting operation. The design and manufacture of automatic snap ring tools, when completed hoisting operations, the construction staff can be released below the restraint knot, is to reduce the construction workers to take the necessary means of altitude operations.
11. On-site short-distance transport vehicles design and manufacture for steel structure members, requirements to meet the basic needs of carrying and walking and have the function for  connectivity and convenience for remove ;
12. On-site short-haul road preparation for steel structure members: Including the roof in the basement for transport of the support measures to carry out the reinforcement work, must follow a detailed theory to ensure that the calculation;
13. The actual lifting tower lifting different specifications of the steel structure components in the lifting and lowering of this different process of different displacement, the calculation results are tabulated for the precise lifting steel components positioning;
14.Determine the tower crane layout to be the inside or outside attachments.