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Portal steel frame light housing support and rigid tie arrangement

1.The horizontal support of the roof shall be located at the first or second opening of the temperature interval. When the end support is located in the second opening, a rigid tie rod should be set in the corresponding position in the first opening.

2.The spacing between columns shall be determined according to the longitudinal direction, force condition and installation conditions of the house. 30 ~ 45m when no crane is available; When the crane is in the middle of the temperature section, or when the temperature section is longer in the third point, and the spacing should not be greater than 60m.

3.When the width of the steel structure construction warehouse or workshop building is greater than 60m, the column support should be increased appropriately in the inner column.

4.When the height of the building is relative to the column spacing, the column support should be set up.

5.A rigid frame should be set along the length of the house in the turning point (the top and roof of a single span, as well as the top and roof of some intersections of the house).

6.The vertical bar should be considered according to the rigid tie rod.

7.A longitudinal support truss shall be set at the edge of the roof of the roof with a bridge with a cab and a weight greater than 15t. When the bridge crane is heavier, measures should be taken to increase the lateral stiffness of the crane beam.

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