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How should you do maintenance of steel structure construction?

The uses of steel in building construction has already been common that we can see anywhere, but a lot of people didn't know how to maintain it to keep low cost steel structures. Here we give you some suggestions for your steel structure building plan.

lixin steel structure

Structure of steel building

After installation of steel structure buildings, for the owner, it is not allowed to change its structure without authorization. You are permitted neither to remove any bolts and other components nor increase or decrease partition walls. If it is necessary to change any part, you are supposed to negotiate with the steel building manufacturers who can tell you if it can be changed. After the structural steel has been used for about 3 years, it must be painted and maintained once, which renders the building aesthetics and safety. In addition, the steel structure warehouse/workshop building is connected by the steel structural parts, so while using electrical equipment like the wire and cable, the application of the slot line pipe must be isolated so as to avoid electric shock accidents.

Maintainence of steel building

The steel buildings and structures must be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. Under normal circumstances, inspection and maintenance shall be conducted once a year. When cleaning the outer wall of a steel structure construction building, care must be taken not to use steel balls, plate brushes and other abrasive cleaning products. When washing with clean water, it should be flushed from top to bottom. Steel plants, branches, leaves and other similar objects should be cleaned up in time to avoid unnecessary trouble under the backlog. If there is any damage to the surface of the steel frame and cladding materials in the steel structure workshop/warehouse, it shall be repaired in time to avoid sun and rain from corroding the metal plate surface. If necessary, all high-elasticity nano-materials are used to protect metal roofing panels and provide effective heat insulation and water-repellent effects to save indoor air-conditioning energy.

In conclusion, the maintenance of steel plant buildings have a great deal to do with the service life of steel structures. Therefore, the industry has paid enough attention to them. If you encounter any problems in maintenance, you must contact a professional steel structure manufacturer for help.

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