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Steel concrete composite structure technology. In recent years, the application scope of beam and column load-bearing structure, which is composed of section steel or steel structure and concrete components, has been expanded. Has both the advantages of portal steel frame and concrete composite structure, the overall strength, good rigidity, good seismic performance, when using outsourcing concrete structure, good at fire and corrosion resistance. Composite structural members generally can be reduced by 15 ~ 20% steel. The composite floor and steel tube concrete members also have the advantages of little or no die, easy construction and rapid ,has large promotion potential. It is applicable to the frame beams, columns and floors of multi-storey or high-rise buildings with larger loads, also used for industrial building columns and floor coverings.

portal steel frame

High strength bolt connection and welding technology. The high strength bolt is transmitted stress by friction force, which consists of bolts, nuts and washers. High strength bolt connection construction simple, demolition of flexible, high bearing capacity, good fatigue resistance and self-locking, high security, etc. This connection way has replaced the riveting and part in welding, become the main connection of steel structure production and installation. The steel components made in the workshop should be covered by automatic multi-wire arc welding, and the box-shaped column should adopt the technology of electroslag welding. In the field installation construction, semi-automatic welding technology and gas shielded flux cored wire and self-protective cored wire technology should be adopted.
    Prefab steel workshop structure protection technology. Steel structure protection includes fire protection, anticorrosion and rustproof. It is generally used in fire-resistant coating without any need for anti-rust treatment, but it needs to be treated as a preservative in buildings with corrosive gases. There are many kinds of China domestic fireproofing paint, such as TN series, Mc-10, etc., among which Mc-10 fireproof coating has alkyd enamel, chlorinated rubber paint, fluorine rubber coating and chlorosulfonated coating. Suitable coating and coating thickness should be chosen according to steel structure type, fire resistance level requirement and environmental requirement.