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Introducing ALC Cement Board Formation & Construction Methods

Prefabricated steel structure frame are used as building materials as the main material of the building. This modular building type has been loved and sought after by people all over the world, and it saves people a lot of labor costs, time costs and funds, and quickly completes installation and investment. Use to bring economic benefits to customers in advance. Here we first understand the ALC cement board formation and construction methods:


ACL plates are ground quartz sand (silica fly ash, river sand, etc.), cement, lime and gypsum as long as the production of raw materials, aluminum powder as a foaming agent, after batching, stirring, film injection, pre-care, Cutting, ALC sheet (aerated concrete sheet) of finely porous material cured (10H-12H) under high temperature (180°C-200°C) high pressure (10-12 standard atmospheric pressure). ALC sheet has the outstanding effect of saving energy and protecting the environment. It is a lightweight, new-type green environmental protection wall material with superior performance.


Construction method


1.ALC partition board has several installation methods? How to fix?

The ALC partition board installation is divided into horizontal mounting boards and vertical installations, usually fixed at both ends.

ALC partition board commonly used fixing method for U-card method, pipe card method and hook bolt method. Among them, the head bolt method is mainly used for steel structure engineering because it needs welding.

2. How to deal with the structural connection between ALC partition board and steel structure beam and column ?

The combination of ALC partition board and steel structure, such as beam, column and board, is divided into surface treatment and board joint processing. The surface treatment is to add a 200mm wide alkali-resistant grid cloth (100MM on each side) at the joint when the surface is putty. Slots for the joints leave a gap of 10-20mm for the joints. When the span is small (≤6M), the joints are squeezing with the adhesive mortar; when the span is large (>6M), the temperature and other shrinkage deformations are prevented in the joints. Filling with foaming agent (in the case of fire protection, the foaming agent is changed to rock wool).


3. ALC plate on the issue of waterproofing for bathroom and kitchen partitions

According to the conventional design requirements to do waterproof technology can be, such as TS coil, SBS coil, polyurethane coating can be.