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Introduce more about ALC cement board construction methods to you

Prefabricated steel structure frame are used as building materials as the main material of the building. This modular building type has been loved and sought after by people all over the world, and it saves people a lot of labor costs, time costs and funds, and quickly completes installation and investment. Use to bring economic benefits to customers in advance. ALC cement board construction method is as follows:

4. ALC plate on the hydropower embedded pipeline (box), piping, etc. slot problem

When it is necessary to embed the hydropower pipeline during construction, vertical slotting can be used directly. Because the ALC plate is equipped with two layers of steel mesh, it can also be slotted horizontally at a small distance. When cutting the groove, the cutting machine should be used to cut out the outline. You can't use a chisel to straighten it. After you finish laying the pipe, use a polymer mortar or adhesive to wipe it off. The steel structure steel frame is the main force subject of the entire building. The ALC plate is only hung on or placed on the steel frame, so the slotting on the ALC plate will not affect the force of the building.



5. ALC board handling issues with wall tiles or other small surfacing items

In the bathroom, kitchen or exterior wall often need to tile or other small veneer jewelry, you can now brush a acrylic emulsion (107 glue), and then full brush 2-3MM interface agent (or plain cement slurry), later use Tile or jewelry adhesive can be. It can thus be seen that such a steel structure building can be as solid, stylish and beautiful as the traditional concrete structure.

6. ALC plate processing problems on the wall hanging weights (such as water heaters/wash basins/radiator/indoor and outdoor air conditioning, etc.)

100MM ALC sheet can be single-point hanging still life 120KG.

ALC plate can be installed on the light hanging parts, hooks, etc. can be directly fixed by self-tapping screws; ALC plate on the weight (basin, radiator, water heaters, wash basins, hanging cabinets, indoor and outdoor air conditioning, etc.) available ≧ 10 expansion Bolts or counter-bolts (transmitting force to the wall) are fixed.



7. ALC plate interface can be divided into:

1) Flat mouth: bonded by adhesive, easy to crack, rarely used.
2) C-type mouth: It is a double-groove, which is composed of two C-shaped ones to form a round core, with upper and lower rebars and middle grouting. It's a bit structural. Disadvantages are that the process is complex and the construction is inconvenient, and the grouting is easy to appear not dense or even broken, and the surface cannot be checked.
3) T-shaped mouth: It is the interface of the concave and convex groove. After the sides are beaten, they are tightly fitted to each other. They have good integrity and structure, and are easy to apply. They are the most widely used.
4) L-shaped mouth: Mainly used for the floor and roof of steel structure building.