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According to the skeleton material, the construction equipment is different. The following mechanical equipment: welding machine, grinding wheel cutting machine, profile cutting machine, Angle grinder, handgun drill, switchboard, power cord, hose glue gun and hardware tools, etc.

Construction sequence of the portal steel frame: component correction, rust removal, release marking, molding and installation welding.
Benxi steel structure engineering roof purlin steel box section and C payments such as light steel, light steel in transport and storage process often produce bend and warping phenomenon, so after the material approach, first for straightening and leveling, field use bending machine or manual work to correct.

Remove dust and dirt from steel surfaces before removing rust. The derusting method of steel structure engineering steel components is combined with manual and electrical tools. When the rust removal work is done, brush or spray anti-rust primer.

portal steel frame

According to the size of the drawing, the C section steel (or square pass) is cut into the suitable length by the grinding wheel cutting machine, and then the welding skeleton. The welding procedure USES ac arc welding machine and E43 series, to prevent the first class defects, the small current and the smaller diameter electrode (2.5-3.0mm) are used for welding. And the auxiliary fixture and fixture are used to ensure the accuracy of the geometry of the structure.

The steel skeleton is calibrated with a water level instrument. The production should be measured and corrected at any time, and the deformation should be controlled within the allowable range. Skeleton skeleton and lug plate welded together, making frame can be assembled welding part, and then carried to the tray welding firmly, also can be directly on the tray assembly welding, the same slope direction of skeleton should be on a plane.
After the installation of steel structure skeleton, dust, iron filings and grease should be removed from the skeleton surface. According to the requirements of the drawing, brush anti-rust paint, after the anti-rust paint thoroughly dry, and then brush the paint and protective paint. For the metal skeleton of the roof, the coating is usually painted by hand brush and air spray.
Painting work closely with the rack installation, keel, paint should be equipped with a thermometer and thickness tester, paint USES the manual brush at the scene, should not leak, construction of the best temperature should be 5-30 degrees, humidity is not higher than 85%. You can't paint on rainy days. Brush should be divided into 12 hours in batches, one can not brush over thick, anti - flow mark. The ventilation environment should be good during construction and avoid open fire. In the production process of purline skeleton, it is necessary to prepare the roofing plate and circumferent materials in time to avoid the delay of construction.