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Steel structure engineering as a whole and the components under normal working condition should not have obvious deformation, more can't appear crack lines or other mechanical damage, or you will back to the large deformation and additional stress, or due to cracks and other mechanical damage and weaken the carrying capacity of components is serious when can make the component broken endanger the overall safety of the steel structure.


3.1 inspection methods of cracks.

The main method to check the crack of steel structure is the observation method and the percussion method.

(1) by about 10 times the magnifying glass observation observation method of component of the surface of the paint, when found in the paint surface has straight iron mold, and the paint surface is fine and straight crack, paint film around the uplift, there is the phenomenon such as at the end of the rust, can preliminarily concluded that the crack, and its film should be removed for further detailed investigation.

(2) the percussion method is to use a wooden hammer with an eraser to strike the component and various parts. If the sound is not crisp, the transmission is uneven, and sudden interruption occurs, it can be concluded that there are cracks in the member.

X-ray and other physical inspection methods can be used for further examination where there are signs of cracks. There is no this condition may be drip check here, from the oil stains on the shape of the diffusion can determine whether there is a crack here spinning, when oil into a symmetrical circular diffusion, shows that there is no crack; When the oil trace becomes straight, it indicates that cracks have formed here.