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In the inspection of the weld, it is important to pay attention to whether the weld cracks in the use stage, and to look for the defects left over from the design and construction of the weld.

1.1 inspection methods commonly used for weld diseases.

(1) when the appearance inspection is checked, remove the debris from the weld and observe the appearance quality of the weld with a magnifying glass (5~20 times). In addition to the requirement that the weld must be free of defects, it also requires a good appearance. Good weld appearance should have fine scale surface. Unwrinkled discontinuous and unsoldered trap, and smooth connection with base metal.


(2) drilling inspection is a kind of broken weld inspection method. The welding seam of the important component is inspected and checked in. Have doubt in order to further confirm, can be in again by drilling method for inspection, check whether there is porosity, slag inclusion of weld, lack of penetration, such as disease, after the check with the same as the original weld electrode fill hole.

(3) inspection of nitric acid alcohol etching method, which is generally used to check for hard-to-observe cracks. The method is to clean up the suspected area thoroughly, and to clean it with acetone or benzene, and the content is about 8%. If the weld is cracked, there is a brown hook display.

Ultrasonic, X-ray, r ray for the important component of the main weld examination, must use ultrasound, X-ray, r ray inspection methods, such as to check whether a whip internal flaws, must also should be on x/r two ray film, for inspection and analysis. The quality of the weld is the most reliable in this method, and it is recommended that this method be used in the housing department of the condition.

(4) pay special attention to matters, dynamic load and alternating load and tension can make the defective weld cracking rapidly, thereby causing serious consequences, so for the dynamic load of steel structure engineering, component in tensile area, should be under check, to avoid omissions.