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If the steel structure has too large deformation during the use stage, it indicates that the bearing capacity or stability of the steel structure cannot meet the need of use. At this time, should cause the owner to pay enough attention, quickly organize the concerned industry personage, analysis produces the deformation reason. Put forward the management plan and implement it immediately, in case the steel structure project has more damage.

(1) inspection method.

When inspecting the deformation of steel structure engineering, it is common to visually inspect the whole and components of steel structure engineering for abnormal deformation, such as the bending deformation of the slender rod and the web. The connection plate is distorted and so on. For visual inspection of components with abnormal deformation, further inspection is performed. The main contents and methods of inspection are:

(1) of the steel structure engineering of beam and truss for visual inspection, the bottom chord deflection when found truss is too large, plane truss distortions to local uneven roof, suspended ceiling, decoration decoration, such as cracking, etc., can think there are abnormal deformation of beam and truss, with fine wire on both ends of the ends of the bearing that numerical or truss chord taut, measure them in the direction of the vertical deformation data (deflection) and horizontal deformation data if it is a rough measure of only commonly take middle point of beam and truss chord midpoint of the deformation data; Otherwise, multipoint deformation data should be taken along the length direction. If necessary, the axis of the drawing structure should be drawn.

portal steel frame

(2) use the hammer and theodolite to conduct deformation inspection on the columns of the steel structure. The deformation data should be measured in two vertical directions at the time of inspection, and the deflection or deflection of the column should be determined, and the axial displacement diagram of the column should be drawn according to the measured data when necessary.

(3) for small panel members such as connecting plates and webs, the measurement can be made by using a ruler approach.

(4) for the deformation inspection of the slender rod with bending deformation, the thin wire line can be used to select and pull the two points of the bar to measure the deformation data.

(5) the need of special note is: steel structure project overall male form data is designed with reference to their standard installation position and determine, in order to guarantee to measure the deformation data of steel structure engineering in the use of stage, must understand the steel structure engineering in original position deviation during installation.

In order to check the measured data and all kinds of deformation data, the records should be collected for reference. For the steel structure with large deformation, corresponding marks should be made in the relevant parts to facilitate the future maintenance.