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Rust removal on the surface of the component.

For the use of a period of steel structure engineering, the surface inevitably has some fixtures, such as rust, dirt and dust; Old paint film and so on. In surface prior to coating for steel structure, if you don't put these attachments to eliminate completely, after besmear brushs although can temporarily to cover them, but due to their isolation role, make the bonding strength between coating and matrix component serious fell, the film will soon fall off, eventually results in the decrease of surface coating corrosion resistance, play out coating proper protection. Therefore, the surface of the steel structure should be thoroughly cleaned before the surface is brushed.

In the construction of steel structure maintenance engineering, surface cleaning mainly includes the removal of old paint film. In the process of derusting, the general methods used for the construction conditions are as follows:

1. Manual derusting.

This method is to use the knife, shovel, hammer, steel wire brush, such as steel gongxing, scaling by hand, and with emery cloth, sandpaper and grinding wheel for manual polishing to remove dirt, make component surface basic to achieve no pollution, no rust, no burr. This method is easy to use, the equipment is simple, the labor cost is low, and it is not limited by the construction site condition size, it is often used in the steel structure maintenance project. Its main drawback is the labor condition is poor, the work efficiency is low, the rust is not thorough, the quality is not easy to guarantee. Therefore, when using this method to remove rust, the management should focus on the quality requirements.

2. Mechanical derusting.

In order to improve the quality and efficiency of derusting. To improve the working conditions of the construction personnel, the current steel structure derusting operation has been heavily used in pneumatic or electric small equipment. The main methods of removing rust are:

(1) Angle grinder: this small pneumatic device is mainly used to clean the plane area. It can use sandpaper, grinding wheel and wire brush according to the requirements.

(2) needle beam derusting machine: this small pneumatic device is equipped with 30 ~ 40 needle, needle beam can work with different surface to adjust, mainly is suitable for the bending, narrow, uneven, and cracks.

(3) single head cold air gun: the small pneumatic equipment also call on zinc, it is used on the impact of the shovel head to remove rust, shovel head at 25 ~ 40 mm in diameter, and can impact of 1000 ~ 6000 times per minute, is suitable for narrow place.

3. Sand blasting.

Sand blasting can be used in the construction maintenance works that can be discontinued. Through the sandblasting machine to clear the steel structure member of the surface of the rust, exposing the metallic nature of the metal. The better sandblasting machine can automatically sift out the fine powder of sand, iron sand or iron shot, and prevent the dust flying and reduce the influence on the health of the operator. This method is thoroughly derusted. Efficiency is also high, has been widely adopted in developed countries, is a more advanced method of derusting.

4. Remove rust with pickling paste.

Buying in the market for descaling pickling paste, it is used to make pickling paste paint was put to the component on the surface, the thickness of about 1 ~ 2 mm, leaching after rolling embellish the appropriate time, opened a small piece of pickling paste inspection derusting, if the component surface metal color, will be pickling paste strip, rinse dry net, thoroughly remove residual acid. In addition to some special cases, this kind of derusting method is seldom used now.

3.2 the cleaning of the old paint mould on the component surface.