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How to prevent the steel structure workshop warehouse foundation sinking

If you want to prevent the prefab steel warehouse sinking which need to start from the foundation pile caps, when the steel structure workshop/warehouse of 25 kg per square metre above foundation pile caps is needed to reach 1 m high and 1 meter wide and 1 meter deep, gray to over 35 kg per square meter of steel structure workshop/warehouse to do ring beam and 1.2 meters, the basis of the specific need according to oneself circumstance on the ground.

When the steel structure warehouse building has been completed, and was not well done upfront investment, what? How can we prevent the steel structure workshop foundation sinking, simple is reinforced, will all the steel columns with circle beams or channels, forming a mesh. This method can prevent the building of steel structure frame from sinking.

In recent years, steel structure plant has been widely used in coal engineering with its light weight, excellent seismic performance, flexible structure layout and fast processing and installation speed. In this paper, we only discuss the steel structure and steel frame structure of the steel structure and steel frame structure of the steel structure and steel frame structure. For larger tonnage crane steel structure plant, due to the upper structure weight light, the column bottom small axial force, bending moment is opposite bigger, foundation caused by eccentricity is too big, bring some difficulties to the foundation design.