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High strength bolt construction quality control

1.For by high strength bolt connection of prefab steel structure frame, production must first pay attention to the high strength bolts friction surface processing quality and installation before protection, and shall be in accordance with the requirements of standards for each two thousand tons, each kind of specification, each kind of processing technology of high strength bolt coefficient of friction surface slip resistance test.

2.The Angle deviation of steel component will seriously affect the high strength bolt perforation rate of component assembly. The distortion of the component affects the clearance between the joints. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare a certain tire mould to control its deformation when making steel structure frame, and adopt feasible and fixed measures to ensure its dimensional stability.

3.The steel structure installation unit must protect the friction surface to prevent contamination and rust. In addition, the anti-slip coefficient test of high-strength bolt friction surface was conducted before installation, the factory certificate and batch number of the high strength bolt were checked, and the axial force test was regularly drawn on the high-strength bolts of different batch Numbers.

4.For high strength bolt installation process, including operation sequence, installation method, fastening sequence, initial twist and final twist, the torque wrench should be calibrated and so on.