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This is one kind of new style steel warehouse buildings system,the whole building bearing members are high strength steel frame and galvanized steel deck as flooring to support the concrete,and the main materials for cladding materials are ALC cement board, the thickness between 50mm to 200mm,this prefabricated cement board has strong steel bars in the middle of panel and it is strong and light weight and long life time ,the standard width of cement board is 610mm, the length can be by customize but less than 6m,therefore, compare with brick wall, use this cement board is 3 times faster than brick wall and more light wight. In addition, if compare with other modular building,this kind of building is more steady and has more longer life time,one the top of the panel can be decorated same as the brick wall. As one of the rich experience steel frame manufacturers,we recommend to choose this kind of modular portal steel frame building,it suitable used as villa house,factory,workshop,office building, shopping mall,hospital,house apartment,hotel,stadium and so on.Welcome to contact us for more details.


The advantages of this steel structure system building as follow:
1. Environmental protection: the main structure of steel structure frame is 100% recycling ; the construction process is smaller pollution, less emissions;
2. Livable and comfortable: thermal insulation, waterproof impermeability, noise and noise reduction and other key areas of superior performance;
3. Flexible expansion: the main body is steel structure frame, space-on-demand division, flexible;
4. Seismic Durability: The main structure is high-performance steel, high ductility, good plasticity, superior seismic performance;
5. Convenient construction: standardization, modular design, factory prefabricated, on-site assembly construction, effectively reducing about one-third of the construction period ;
6. Economical: Increase the applicable area of 4% -8%, low overall cost.