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Good looking simple steel structure frame fence

  • Model No.:LXF-4
  • Standard: GB, ISO
  • Forming: Hot-Rolled Steel
  • Carbon Structural Steel: Q195B&Q235B
  • Transport Package: Normal closed container
  • Origin: Foshan Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Connection Form: Bolt Connection Or Welding
  • Diamention:1.5-11m Long For Each, By Customized
  • Material:Steel Plate,Angle Steel,Square Tube,Round Tube
  • Height:1.5m To 3m,By Customized
  • Surface Treatment:Painting,Powder Coating,Hot Dip Galvanized

Product Information

  • Main materials: steel plate
  • Useful time: during 5 to 20 years
  • Product characteristic: 1. Safety: high strength hot rolled steel profile shall be used for processing according to the customer's design requirements. Welding or anti-disassembly bolt connection may be adopted, and the overall strength and safety are high.    
  • 2. Aesthetics: simple and clean appearance, gentle tone, can coordinate the surrounding landscape, can melt and modern urban space and natural environment.      
    3. Comfort: look beyond, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and provide you with a comfortable and safe platform.     
    4. Practicability: the surface is protected and treated with spray paint, powder spraying and hot galvanizing. It is convenient to clean and does not require large maintenance costs.     
    5. weatherability, through strict surface treatment of steel or aluminum alloy fence products, no matter in the urban air pollution or sea salt corrosion in coastal areas, can set his mind at to use, as you solve the trouble back at home of maintenance. The products are both practical and decorative, which can be used in family houses, courtyards, villas, enterprises, offices, municipal services, park walls and guardrails. The specification can be customized according to customer's requirement. The wall products can be made of hot-dip galvanized steel, with strong corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, excellent moisture resistance, low base requirements, long service life and green environmental protection. Product height and width can be customized as needed. You can choose the right color according to your preference.

How to choose the best(suitable) design within the least cost

No. Client requirements Best choise Main materials Approximate price Sample building Remarks
1 The most economic house (dormitory, low income people house, interim office, labor camp) Standard size single storey prefab house C section steel ,angle steel , round steel, sandwich panel ≧US$30/㎡ Board Room Light weight and fast installation
2 Low cost two floors prefabricated house Light weight standard size two floors prefabrication house C section steel, angle steel, round steel, sandwich panel ≧US$35/㎡ Board Room 02 The size is of the building is a multiple of 1.82m
3 Low wind speed and can not see steel frame outside the building Flat roof sandwich panel house Sandwich panel,simple steel connector and U channels ≧US$35/㎡ Board Room 03 No exposed steel frame
4 The house should good at waterproof and suitable to rainy weather Hanging house Square tube,C section steel ,angle steel,sandwich panel ≧US$45/㎡ Board Room 04 Hot dip galvanized or power coat for external steel members
5 Low cost good looking house in low wind speed area. Prefab villa house C section steel, angle steel, round steel, sandwich panel and decoration board ≧US$40/㎡ Board Room 05  
6 Luxury long life time strong villa house Steel structure villa house H section steel, square tube,C section steel ,angle steel,sandwich panel or cement board ≧US$65/㎡ Board Room 06 Good at wind resistance and fireproof.
7 The house can be moved after finish install but in low cost Prefab container house Square tube, bending steel plate, C section steel, angle steel, sandwich panel ≧US$2000/set Board Room 07 Can be moved and combined arbitrarily
8 The house can be moved after finish install and in long life time Shipping container house International shipping container steel frame,steel plate,C section steel, angle steel,sandwich panel ≧US$580/㎡ Board Room 08 Can be moved and combined arbitrarily

How to get the ideal cost in exact calculation

How to get the ideal cost in exact calculation

Company Profile

Company Profile

Foshan lixin steel material co., ltd is one of the earliest steel building supplier at Guangdong province China, professional in design and produce steel workshop, steel warehouse, high rise steel building, large span space truss structure, prefab house, steel villa, container house and different kind of building materials for more than 19 years. Lixin group including prefab house branch, two light steel structure branch, container house branch and curtain wall branch. Total about 600 workers, annual productions capacity are steel members 150,000 tons, prefabricated house 500,000 square meters.

01 One-stop solution (design/manufacture/transportation/installation/purchase agent/after-sales service)

02 4 factories (prefab house factory,steel structure factories and building material factory)

03 7 types products (industrial/commercial/venue building,prefab house,villa, container house,building materials)

04 19 years professional practical experience (Lixin build up from 1997)

05 Export to 50 countries(we have already sold steel buildings to more than 50 countries around the world)

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Material list

Material list

Installation process


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