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Autoclaved aerated cement panel (block) refers to the siliceous and calcareous materials as the main raw material for steel structure industrial building, aluminum powder as the foaming agent, through high temperature and pressure steam to produce the panel (block),the panel include reinforced mesh to enhance the strength. It is a lightweight, high strength and porous green wall material. It is not aging and has good durability. The service life of the panel(block) can be matched with the service life of all kinds of buildings. Therefore, it is commonly used as thermal insulation board, wall board, , Roof, floor, fire board and so on for different kind of steel structure building and traditional concrete building.
Common size specifications: Length is 0-6 meters, width: 600mm, thickness 75,100,125,150,175,200,250,300 mm

ALC panel (block) superior performance as follows:
1. heat insulation

The independent millipore structure of air-entrained cement to form air layer in the material,so aerated blocks and panels have good thermal insulation properties, the thermal conductivity only 0.11-0.16W / (mk),to use ALC board or Blocks as building maintenance structure directly, without increasing wall thickness conditions,not need additional insulation treatment, can meet the requirements of building energy efficiency design standards. In addition, due to the light weight of ALC boards and blocks, can reduce the investment of basic structure. Wall thickness is relatively small, can increase the use of housing area. The use of dry construction, can improve efficiency and reduce labor costs which is usually applied in prefab container house construction.

2.  Soundproof

Due to aerated cement has internal porous structure so that it has a good sound-absorbing and sound insulation properties, 150MM thick wall sound insulation 45DB.

3. fireproof

Aerated blocks and panel are inorganic non-combustible materials with small thermal conductivity and slow heat transfer. The refractory limit of block and panel of 100mm thick is more than 4 hours, which can effectively reduce the fire hazard. For steel structure frame buildings, the fireproof effect is particularly outstanding.