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Foshan Steel Industry

Steel products can be seen everywhere. A city stands on it; a warm home is built with it and convenient tools are made of it. We have many products made of stainless steel, like in our home, transportation systems and sculptures. It is well known that Foshan is a steel distribution center in China. Foshan is familiar to Chinese and even the world’s stainless steel buyers. Since the 1980s, after the first welded pipe production line was brought in, Foshan’s stainless steel industry has been progressing rapidly and there are more than 1000 welded pipe manufacturers, many specialized markets and over 4300 shops now.


Foshan is the main stainless steel distribution center in Guangdong province. Adjoining Guangzhou and close to the major ports of Foshan, Pearl River Delta, Foshan Kings has access to a sophisticated highway network and convenient water and land transportation.

In response to the government’s call for green business, Foshan steel industry puts great efforts in developing technology and conducting product  to sharpen its competitive strength. Companys&factories are committed to environmental-friendly stainless steel production. Through technological innovation and production transformation, Foshan steel industries have taken credit from both local and foreign customers.


As we know, the role of the steel project is to speed up the existing capacity stock adjustment pace. The existing urban steel mills are required to be classified and treated differently. The enterprises with high correlation with urban development should develop the circular economy of enterprises and society through the upgrading and upgrading of technological and equipment levels, and realize harmonious coexistence with the cites.