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1. How to get accuracy quotation?

Please tell us below basis but important information for offering price:

(1)How is the weather and what’s the wind speed of destination?
     With the information we can select the suitable strength material for the construction.
     Special in heavy snow or strong wind area.

(2)What’s the size of the project? How many floors?
     We need detailed length+wide+high size. Then we can calculate the cost of the material.

(3)What’s the material of the wall and roof?
     We suggest to use steel sheet or sandwich panel as normal.
     And insulation of the sandwich panel can be: EPS, glass wool, rock wool, PU etc.

(4)What’s the size of the door and windows?
     We need to know the detailed size so that we can calculate the cost of the material.
     If you have special request of the material please don’t hesitate to let me know.

(5)What’s special requirement?
     Earthquake, Tornado, heavy snowfall area need to inform us.
     The more detailed description the clear price we can offer.