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1.High-rise steel structure technology. According to the height and design requirements of the building, the frame, frame support, cylinder body and giant frame structure are respectively adopted, and the components can be steel, reinforced concrete or steel tube concrete. The steel components are light ductility and can be used in welding section steel or rolled section steel. The stiffness of stiffened reinforced concrete members is large, and the fire resistance is good, and it is suitable for middle and high-rise buildings or the bottom structure. Steel tube concrete construction is simple, only for column structure.

portal steel frame

2.Space steel structure technology. The space steel structure has light weight, large rigidity, beautiful shape and quick construction speed. It is the largest structural type of the steel structure in China, with the steel pipe as the ball node, the multi-layer cross section net frame and the net shell. It has the advantages of large space stiffness and low steel quantity. In design, construction and inspection procedures, it can provide complete CAD. In addition to the network frame structure, the spatial structure has a large span suspension cable structure, cable membrane structure and so on.

3.Light steel structure technology. With light colored steel plate, the new structure of wall and roof enclosure structure is formed. By more than 5 mm steel plate welding or rolling the thin-wall h-beam wall beam with large section and roofing purline, round steel made of flexible support system and high strength bolt connection of light steel structure system, column distance from 6 m to 9 m, span up to 30 m or more, up to a dozen meters high, and can set crane. Use steel 20 ~ 30kg/m2. Now has a standardized design program and professional production enterprises, products of good quality and fast installation, light weight, less investment, construction season without limit, suitable for all kinds of light industrial workshop.