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Mining plate according to the material divided into glass fiber reinforced polyester plate, made of honeycomb carbon polyester or solid board, etc., according to the shape can be divided into the same as the roof plate waveform of glass fiber reinforced polyester mining board (hereinafter referred to as FRP lighting watts) and other flat or curved surface plate.

There are different fixed methods for different mining plates, and the polycarbonate mining plate is fixed with aluminum profile fasteners, and the corrugated mining plate is fixed with the support of the mining plate and the self-tapping screw, and then the rubber seal is sealed. The position of the stripper is generally set in the span. The mining plate is connected with the self-tapping screw and must have a cover plate. The hot and cold deformation of the sun plate is easy to be cut by self-tapping, so the sun board should open a larger hole in the tapping. The scale of the stripper should be considered when installing the lighting panel.

steel structure shed

Mining plate without overlapping within 12 m, more than 12 m requires the lap, lap length is 200-400 - mm, take it the second sealing glue, transverse glue need not on, longitudinal lap choi steel board type, ordinary pressed steel plate, generally do not take an examination of virtual do as, directly with the color plate with tapping screw, and the seal sealing glue, bite plate is need to do.

The longitudinal length of the drawing board shall be set in the vicinity of the sandbar. The roof waterproof treatment shall be coated with sealant, and the surface of the sealant is easy to be aged. A white or colorless sealant sandwiched between two water gels is used in the connection.

By lateral color plate plate lap: bright type screw roof panel or dark fit type roof board, mining plate plate effective width should be reserved, in the mining plate wave with self-tapping screws, considering the mining plate heat bilges cold shrink, dealing with mining plate an advisable) (8 mm hole punching processing, self tapping screw should be placed under the reinforced waterproof washer, prevent mining plate heat bilges cold shrink after cracking the screws.