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The cornice can be divided into three forms: outer drainage roof, inner drainage roof, and free fall. It can give priority to free fall and outer drainage. According to the material, there are stainless steel gutter, steel plate gutter, color plate tiangou. As the main drainage system of roof, the gutter decides the discharge of rain and snow and the normal function of building roof.

In the cold region, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor temperature is large, and there will be condensed water under the inner gutter. Therefore, it is required to lay insulation cotton under the gutter. The insulation cotton is fixed by hanging the purline of the gutter. At the same time, add an edge at the bottom of the gutter (commonly used color steel plate), both beautiful and can fix the insulation cotton.

In the northern areas with little rain, and the project is not high enough for the cornice, it can be used freely, and the cornice can be picked out from the wall, and the wall should not be less than 300 mm. If the wall panel is a single board, the indentation between the wall panel and the roof panel shall be blocked by the special plate type retaining wall. When the roof slope is less than 1/10, the trough of the roof board is bent down 5 to 10 mm with the clamp down.

steel structure frame

The outer drainage roof cornice has been widely used in engineering because of its good leak-proof and low cost. The outer drainage cornice and gutters are often used in the color board. Construction the lottery board roof gutter don't need to support its structures, its groove wall panels of press close to, can directly with outside support is set on the wall, stretched out on the roof board outside wall fittings pick in the gutter, paragraphs cullis overlap each other, connected by rivets and sealing glue sealing.

The design and construction of steel structure and water.

The edge and flood water not only delineate the lines of the building, but also affect the aesthetics of the building. Meanwhile, the structure is connected into a whole, preventing wind and rain, making the building stronger and more durable.