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1. Requirements of coating daily maintenance.

2.For the maintenance personnel, the daily maintenance of the steel structure frame should first be the maintenance of the surface coating of the components. The quality of coating maintenance directly affects the service life of steel structure. Therefore, to do a good job in daily maintenance, we should start from the following points:

3.(1) it is necessary to keep the surface of the steel structure frameclean and dry, and clean the place where the steel structure is prone to dust (such as steel column feet and nodal plate).

   (2) regularly check the intact condition of the protective coating of steel structure, and any of the following should be maintained in time:

steel structure frame

4.(1) found that the area of the coating surface lost luster reached 90%;

  (2) the surface roughness, weathering and cracking of the coating reached 25%;

  (3) the coating film is convex and the component has a slight corrosion area of 40%;

  (4) the steel structural parts affected by high temperature and high temperature shall be equipped with protective plates to protect the coating from high temperature damage.

  (5) try to avoid the contact between the components and the corrosive substances, and the contact should be cleaned in time.