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Bolts or self-tapping screws shall be used for the connection of color steel plate and steel structure purline. When using bolts, the fastening force should be moderate and firm, so as to avoid the pit in the fastening point. The bolts on the wall should be neat. Symmetrical, evenly spaced. The color steel plate used for the corner, namely the corner plate should be specified in detail on the construction drawing, according to the drawing construction. The inner and outer corner of the corner plate should be made of colored steel Angle plate or Angle aluminum, which should be flat and compacted, and keep straight and vertical with the painted steel panel. The connections on the corner should be in order. Horizontal. The vertical direction should be straight line, without obvious dislocation connection, no obvious depression, and no wavy warping will occur after the inner and outer edges are connected. During installation, the roofing waterproof project shall comply with the technical requirements of roofing waterproof engineering, and shall comply with the following principles:

steel structure shed
1) the roof slope shall not be less than 5%, and the corrosion environment shall not be less than 8%.
2) the roof panel shall not be connected when conditions permit. It must be connected in the long direction of the slope, and the connecting point must fall on the purline or support. When the roof slope is less than or equal to 10%, the lap length shall not be less than 250mm. When the roof slope is greater than 10%, the lap length shall be no less than 180mm. The joint plate shall be connected with a suture or riveted rivet, and the middle distance shall not be greater than 300mm. All joints must be sealed with sealant or waterproof material, and the exposed nails should be waterproof. The direction of the long direction of the slope must be the roof plate, the first button plate. The dark with self tapping screw gusset plate special fixing plate fixed on the purline, then dark buckle is spread in special bearing, in the plate wave lap part with special fixture clamping, the overall fixed plate. Construction process cannot in the wave trough rivets or self tapping screw, to avoid the roof water seepage or leaking roof board (corrugated) the lateral running and leading in the same direction, overlapping parts must be set waterproof sealing material.
Angle watercolor plate. Eaves dripping choi steel accessories such as a scoop out as far as possible according to the leeward direction or at the direction, the pressure to its length should be not less than 60 mm, pressure rivets available connections, the spacing should be no greater than 200 mm, straight seam should be paid attention to when installation. The roof board should avoid opening the hole as far as possible. When opening the hole, it should be designed according to the design requirements, and the corresponding technical processing should be done.