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The problem that should be considered in the construction of large-span space steel structure.

The construction technology of large space steel structure stadium is very important, and reasonable construction plan and scientific construction process analysis can guarantee the safety and economy of the structure. At present, some large space steel structure construction, have breakthrough in the traditional sense of the construction method of the multidisciplinary, integrated and high-tech fields, these brought unprecedented difficulties and challenges to the traditional construction technology. Therefore, it is necessary to research, develop and create new and more scientific construction techniques to meet the needs of continuous development. In the research, development and creation of scientific construction technology, the following aspects should be considered:

steel structure stadium

1.CAD design and CAM manufacture technology

Along with the computer technology, information technology and the application of advanced numerical control equipment, space steel structure products need to information technology, design technology, manufacturing technology and management technology of integrated application, improve production efficiency and achieve customization, so as to improve the innovation ability of space steel structure products and management level. Steel structure CAD design and CAM manufacturing technology belong to the category of the steel structure auxiliary manufacturing technology, including the overall 3 d entity modeling, bar and plate under the optimization of material, the design of the steel tube are node and all kinds of abnormal joints, analysis, manufacture and so on.

2.Install construction simulation technology.

In the past, people paid more attention to the stress situation in the use of structure, but ignored the stress in the construction stage. With the continuous development of the project, the safety problems in the construction stage are becoming more and more serious. In fact, some engineering works in the  steel structure construction process are completely different from the use stage, even some of the construction of the most adverse stress stage, appears in the construction stage. The simulation technology of construction and installation of steel structure mainly includes the following five aspects: simulation of hoisting process of large components; Simulation of various working conditions at each stage of the construction process; The predeformation technology of structural installation includes the arch and the predeformation of the component; Pre-assembly simulation of structural components; Unload process simulation. Can be found fully in advance through the analysis of the simulation calculation of weak links and key control in the construction process, can realize the control of the structure of the whole construction process intuitive and finally ensure the shape of the correct size.

3.Reasonable selection of installation method

The so-called choice of reasonable installation method is to find the best balance between safety, economy and application. Traditional space steel structure construction methods in general are: high bulk method, the article points or block installation method, high slip method and integral lifting method and integrally jack-up method, etc. Modern big span space steel structure and complicated in shape, there is no fixed mode of installation, and use a large number of new materials, new technology, if the single traditional installation method not for innovation or creation, couldn't have finished the task smoothly, and sometimes it is difficult to complete tasks. Through a large number of engineering practice, emerged many innovative construction techniques, such as high altitude curve slip technology, net shell structure integral lifting technology, carriage fold expansion method construction technology, etc.
The installation method of modern space steel structure is often a clever combination or re-creation of several basic methods. At the same time, due to the rapid development of mechanical equipment, computation theory and computer technology, it provides strong support for the innovation of steel structure installation method.